MAGA hat critic found safe, sheriff says

By the Daily Post staff

Rebecca Parker Mankey, the Palo Alto activist who made headlines after berating a man in a Make America Great Again hat, is no longer missing.

The Lake County, Calif., Sheriff issued a brief statement this morning (April 23):

“Rebecca Mankey, who was originally reported as a missing person to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on April 19, 2019, has been located safe and is no longer a missing person.”

The sheriff’s office refused to elaborate. Attempts to reach Mankey’s family were unsuccessful.

Mankey, 46, had been visiting a friend in the Lake County city of Lakeport since April 11. She left her friend’s house around 10 a.m. Thursday (April 18). When she didn’t arrive home in Palo Alto, her husband became concerned and reported that she was missing to the sheriff in Lake County.

Lake County sheriff’s detectives “pinged” her cellphone and found the phone was in Aberdeen, Wash., a city of about 17,000 in the Olympic Peninsula region, about 50 miles west of Olympia.

She disappeared about three weeks after an incident at the Starbucks on California Avenue in Palo Alto in which she berated a 74-year-old man wearing a Make America Great Again hat. She followed up the verbal barrage with a social media post about the man. She said on Facebook, “He will never forget me and will think seriously about wearing that hat in my town ever again. If you see him in this hat, please confront him.”

Mankey is an affordable housing activist who was appointed to serve on the city’s North Ventura Coordinated Area Plan Working Group.

In November 2017, she unsuccessfully sought an appointment to the Planning and Transportation Commission, winning votes from slow-growth council members Tom DuBois, Lydia Kou and Karen Holman. She also ran for a delegate seat with the Democratic State Central Committee in January, but wasn’t elected.

After the incident, Mankey resigned from the Bayshore Progressive Democrats, a club where she served as co-chair.



  1. Glad to hear she’s OK, even though I strongly disagree with her actions, it’s good no harm was done to her. She must be feeling a lot of stress and maybe remorse. An apology and a commitment to better in the future would be a good way to start the healing.

  2. She should apologize to the man she harassed without reservation.
    Her calls to “doxx” and further harass the man, find out where he works, where his wife works, where his children go to school, backfired spectacularly.
    Her bad act doesn’t make doxxing or harassing her acceptable, but when she threaten an elderly man for his political views, I’m not sure what she expected.
    She owes him an apology, and then hopefully, they can both put this behind them.
    We all have bad days, which is what I hope she was having that day. Apologize and move on.

  3. Nice title….MAGA hat critic? Call a spade a spade ….she didn’t criticize him, she verbally assaulted him and called for harassment against him

  4. It seems like she just stop herself from seeking attention. One would think she would just keep a low profile and let this blow over.

    I really don’t think she is remorseful nor will she apologize. She’s too entitled.

  5. Hi, I’m writing from Nottingham, England.

    I’d just like to say that I’ve seen a short interview with Victor on video and he seems like a really nice man, the type who would be willing to discuss things with you reasonably and listen to what you had to say.

    I can’t believe that this woman acted as she did, in some ways I feel sorry for her because it seems as though she was motivated by hate, but mostly I feel sorry that Victor was put through this.

    So Victor, if you read this, although I live more than 5,000 miles from you, you have my best wishes, as do your family and fellow citizens.

    Let’s live together and build up our countries for the benefit of us all.

  6. She took off and didn’t tell anyone. So the missing person was not, but her family and the police had to jump through hoops to figure that out.

    Doesn’t this woman have any care for others?

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