Cousins arrested in burglary of SAP offices

Steve Turner, left, and Mike Turner are cousins who were arrested for burglary. Palo Alto Police Department mug shots.

By the Daily Post staff

A pair of cousins were grabbed by police as they attempted to escape with stolen property from the Palo Alto campus of the German software maker SAP, according to authorities.

Arrested were Mike Turner, 25, of Oakland, and Steve Turner, 21, of Stockton.

On Sunday (March 3) at 2:08 a.m., police dispatchers got a call about a burglary in progress at SAP, 3450 Hillview Ave. in the Stanford Research Park. The first officer who arrived found the glass door to the building was smashed and observed two masked men holding stolen property as they came down a staircase, police said.

The officer told them to stop, but they ran the other way.

The officer was able to catch one burglar outside holding a pry tool used in the burglary, police said. Another officer caught the other burglar in the parking lot.

Police said they then found additional stolen items inside the suspects’ vehicle, which was in the SAP parking lot on Hillview Ave.

As officers investigated, they discovered the items in the vehicle had been taken during an earlier burglary at another SAP building located at 3475 Deer Creek Road, according to police.

The Turners were booked into the Santa Clara County Jail on two counts of burglary each. Mike Turner faces an additional count of possession of burglary tools.


  1. Thank you for naming names when it comes to people like this who are arrested. You’re the only newspaper in town that’s doing its job of informing the public.

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