Transient arrested for attempting to sexually assault a woman on Castilleja Avenue

Marcelo Garcia Martinez, 28, was arrested by Palo Alto police on Dec. 22, 2018.

By the Daily Post staff

Palo Alto police have arrested a 28-year-old transient in connection with the attempted sex assault of a woman walking on Castilleja Avenue, who was saved by neighbors who heard her screams.

Marcelo Garcia Martinez, who has no permanent address, was arrested and booked into jail on Saturday (Dec. 22) on one count of assault with attempt to commit a sex offense.

At about 6 p.m. on Thursday (Dec. 20), a woman in her 30s was walking southbound on the 1500 block of Castilleja Avenue in the Southgate neighborhood, when a man approached her from behind and put his hand over her mouth, police said.

The man pushed the woman down into the bushes, and the woman began to scream.

The assault happened along this stretch of Castilleja Avenue in Palo Alto. Google photo.

When she screamed, the man punched her in the face, according to police.

Neighbors, hearing the screams, came outside and scared the man away. A neighbor called 911.

The man was last seen running away east on Miramonte Avenue and then turning south on Mariposa Avenue.

The victim suffered bruising and swelling to her face and bruising to her shoulder. She declined medical attention.

Nothing was taken from the victim, police said.

Police and sniff-dogs searched the neighborhood but the man was not found.

The woman could only describe the man as an “unknown race” wearing jeans with a black backpack.

“Detectives followed up on leads and were able to identify the suspect as 28- year-old Marcelo Garcia Martinez,” police said in a statement without describing the leads.

On Friday night, police went to a judge and obtained a felony arrest warrant on one count of assault with intent to commit a sex offense. On Saturday at about 12:30 p.m., an officer located and arrested Martinez at the bus station at 95 University Ave.

He was booked on both the warrant and a warrant for a minor municipal code violation, police said. On May 15, Garcia was cited for public urination at the bus station.



  1. There’s no way the Palo Alto police will reveal his immigration status. I don’t think they’re even allowed to ask. Why have a policy like this? If it became known how often illegal immigrants commit violent crimes, the public would be demanding that we seal the borders. But Democrats want to allow as many illegal immigrants into the country so that they can eventually gain citizenship and vote. They expect they’ll all be Democrats. So part of this strategy is to get the police to downplay the devastation illegal immigrants are doing to this country. A Democrat/Progressive council like Palo Alto’s will make it a policy to never reveal the immigration status of an arrestee. They’ll tell cops not to ask and not to document it in any way. They also will refuse to cooperate with ICE when it wants to remove a violent criminal from the community. The most police will do is provide traffic control outside the site of an immigration raid. I’m not kidding about that.

  2. The police and other law enforcement agencies typically don’t ask about the immigration status of a suspect for a very good reason. It’s not because they want to help the Democrats or Progressives. But if local law enforcement makes it known that they won’t be arresting people based on their immigration status, more immigrants will feel free to report crimes and cooperate with police. That makes the community safe.

  3. Mollie Tibbetts, Kate Steinle, Anthony Bologna and his sons Michael and Matthew … how many victims of illegal alien criminals do we need before we build that wall? How many murders are OK with you? If we had strong immigration laws, and local police cooperation with ICE, Mollie, Kate, Anthony, Michael and Anthony would still be alive today.

  4. His name and neck tattoos suggest it. You can be all high fallutin and idealistic but what if that was your wife daughter or mother. That was a horrid crime that woman is scarred for life. I hope this scumbag gets deported to hell

  5. The vast majority of assaults and rapes of women are committed by men who are not from other countries. They are home-grown.

  6. Liberals like to cite polls and studies saying illegal aliens commit crimes at a lower rate than U.S. citizens, but that research is flawed because cities with high crime rates usually don’t keep track of whether an arrestee is an illegal or not.

    There’s literally no way to know what percentage of crimes are committed by illegal aliens in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, LA or Atlanta. The information isn’t available … because the cops don’t ask about the arrestee’s immigration status in Sanctuary Cities.

    And the immigration status doesn’t appear in the court records unless ICE happens to hear about the case and submits a detainer.

    The Pew survey and many others are using insufficient data, but they don’t care because it gives liberals an argument they use persuade people who don’t know the facts.

    (And don’t call me a racist. I’m just telling you that your data is incomplete.)

  7. @Jake, have no doubt, they will be calling you a racist. When a liberal knows they’re going to lose an argument, they throw the race card. It always happens. Just wait for it.

  8. Nonsense. At 6pm, it was dark, and he came up from behind and pushed her into some bushes. When he was hitting her in the face, she probably had her eyes tightly closed.
    You needn’t make up pernicious reasons to justify your fears.

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