Developer plans to replace Mi Rancho Market with apartments

This is an illustration of a proposed apartment complex that would replace Mi Rancho Market in Redwood City.

Daily Post Staff Writer

A proposal has been submitted to Redwood City’s planning department to tear down the Mi Rancho Market on Charter Street, behind the Target, and build 72 apartments.

The project, submitted last month, comes from San Carlos developer Ying Wang with the LMT HomeCorp., according to project plans.

Plans call for a 163-space parking lot underneath the building, which at four stories will be about 50 feet tall. There will also be 24 bicycle parking spaces.

The development would replace Mi Rancho, MoneyGram and the surrounding parking lot, from the railroad tracks to roughly parallel with Hancock Street.

No planning commission meeting has been scheduled for the project yet, as the plans are still under review, according to the city’s webpage for the project.


      • What is the vacancy rate for apartmemnts in Redwood City? How many more developments and total units are in the planning stages? Why arren’t these planned developments required to provide additional park facilities within the development? Most importantly, residents are now being told that there is a “proposal” (already a done deal) for solid waste increases. Are the developers being asked to pay fees toward the needed revenue triggered by the increase
        in units?

    • Depends on how much they will cost. If people can actually afford to rent them, there’s absolutely a need for more apartments all over the Peninsula. I used to work in Menlo Park, but had to live in San Leandro to afford my rent. Something affordable by Target would have been a godsend. A 45 minute one-way commute was not fun.

    • Their no needs for more apartments their already making enough near downtown there no need for more apartments and taking down our stores these guys are just hungry for money and don’t care about the people

  1. Yes! more apartments … And as long as Mr. Ying is willing to contribute and additional 10% for community and infrastructure – then fine. Let’s all share the costs ….

  2. What is the vacancy rate for all the newly developed units in Redwood City? How many more planned projects(housing units) have been approved and not yet started. Why are these projects apporved without providing for public park and recreation facilities within the development. Redwood city has few public parks and recreation areas and there is a scarcity of available sites for new parks. I believe that if development is to continue at this pace developers should be required to provide sapce for public parks within their projects. Devlopers should also have to pay fees for needed increases in collection of solid waste. Why aren’t these developers required to provide a percentage of the units built for low income occupancy? We have a low unemployment rate because those who would take low paying jobs do not have a place to live and have moved out of the area.

  3. What we need is a grocery store on Veterans (hopefully where Kmart is)! With all the new apartments in Redwood City, Safeway at Sequoia Station, Grocery Outlet, and Whole Foods just isn’t enough.

  4. So sad. I don’t want to live in an apartment and can’t afford to buy or rent a house in Redwood City. Lived in a Mobile Home park but that’s where are the meth heads live. We are done and moved way out of the bay. I don’t miss ya

  5. No more apartments! Traffic is horrible. Schools are over crowded!
    Is the developer willing not to sell the property for 20 years, or is this another “get rich quick” by building and then taking profits out of the country?

  6. Disgusting. The small town as qe know it is gone forever. Welcome to another metropolis with unaffordable housing, a broken infrastructure without good public transportation and cheers to having to be in traffic for a minimum of an hour for a gallon of milk!

  7. I grew up in Redwood City. Its no longer my town. High rise apartments is ridiculous. Can’t wait til the tech business falls so the city will suffer. I’m so disappointed that the city of Redwood City could be that greedy. People that have lived there all their lives are now being pushed out due to cost of living. Just wait City of Redwood. Its going to be a mess that YOU can’t afford to loose but you will.

  8. Omg more trafic more people
    Everything is getting expensive government don’t think in the community they think in grow money rent is so expensive u can get a house month by month if u go to the community they never help with rent u have to be homeless to help u if they don’t send u to a shelter

  9. I wonder if they building more apartments, are they building more schools? More parks? If people moves to Redwood City, they bringing children right?

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