Dr. Khuu: Skin Care And Beyond

Khuu Dermatology

If you have issues with your skin, you know you need to see a dermatologist — but did you also know that dermatologists can help with nail issues, hair loss and earlobe repair?

Dr. Duke Khuu, a board-certified dermatologist who earned his medical degree from Stanford University, can help with a host of nail problems, including brittle and ingrown nails as well as nail fungus. For the latter, he offers pills that are safe and effective.

When he treats hair loss, he works to identify the underlying causes so that it can be tackled effectively.

“We really delve into the medical aspect of why someone is having hair loss,” Dr. Khuu said. “It could be a pure genetic problem. It could be a deficiency problem. A patient could be anemic or lack vitamin D. Stress, pregnancy, thyroid disease or lupus could be implicated.”

Depending on the issue diagnosed, Dr. Khuu can prescribe medication and/or refer patients to an appropriate specialist. He offers both pills and a spray to treat certain types of hair loss.

When it comes to looking your best and combating the effects of aging, many focus on the face, but Dr. Khuu also can help with other areas that add to the overall aesthetic effect: the neck, hands, upper chest — and even earlobes.

As we age, the earlobes naturally droop. And for people who have had their ears pierced for a long time, the original small piercing can turn into an unsightly torn line. Dr. Khuu can repair any tears and uses a dermal filler to put strength and volume back into drooping earlobes.

In combination with skin-tightening Vbeam laser treatments, you can see years drop away. The Vbeam laser treats skin redness, stretch marks and scarring, and can rejuvenate skin by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

“The laser tightens and improves the color and texture of the skin,” said Dr. Khuu. He especially recommends this treatment for clients over 60 and says it’s not just for the face. The neck, hands and upper chest can all benefit.

“These are areas people don’t think about,” he said.

When it comes to cosmetics, Dr. Khuu said he believes in treatments that will have a “wow effect.”

“I go for procedures that make a dramatic difference,” he said. “You don’t want to waste your money and see nothing change.”

A specialist in both medical and cosmetic treatments, Dr. Khuu also offers laser hair removal, and dermal fillers and injectables to smooth out lines, as well as handling skin cancer, psoriasis, acne and other medical conditions. For more information, call Dr. Khuu’s downtown Mountain View office at (650) 969-5488. Dr. Khuu also has an office in San Jose.