New poll shows recall is still ahead, but support is dropping

By the Daily Post staff

A new survey shows Santa Clara County residents favor the recall of Judge Aaron Persky, but the percentage supporting the recall is dropping with the election two weeks away.

A Survey USA poll sponsored by KPIX Channel 5 in March found that 56% of voters favored the recall. A new poll released today shows the number of voters favoring the recall had dropped to 49% — a loss of 7 points.

The survey indicated that 36% would not vote for the recall and 15% were undecided.

“Recall support is dropping and ‘no recall’ support is growing,” said retired judge LaDoris Cordell, who is a leader of the no recall campaign. “When voters know the truth, they say ‘no’ to the recall. In the next two weeks, we will be relentless in getting out our message.”

The latest poll also found a 29-point gender gap. If just men were voting, Persky would keep his job by three points.  If only women voted, he would lose by 26 points.

Voters were also asked who they would want to replace Persky if he is recalled. The two replacement candidates on the ballot are Assistant District Attorney Cindy Hendrickson and San Jose attorney Angela Storey. Voters surveyed were fairly even, with 16% for Storey and 15% for Hendrickson, and 69% undecided.

A campaign led by Stanford law professor Michele Dauber has been seeking Persky’s recall in response to the six-month jail sentence he gave Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, who had been convicted of sexual assault.



  1. There is no doubt in my mind that the recall is losing support because voters are becoming more and more aware that the recall campaign has put out all kinds of misleading and deceptive propaganda. I am particularly impressed by women who have written into local publications relating how they were initially avid supporters of the recall but after doing some research now oppose the recall. This tells me that they realized that the recall is based on deceit. Allison Levitsky did a commendable job in a recent review of the cases cited by the recall as evidence of Persky’s alleged bias – they show that Judge Persky is not biased as they claim, but works hard to ensure fairness for all sides.

  2. Agree with the comments above. When people learn the facts, they see that the recall campaign has been trafficking lies. Our community is better than this. I predict that the recall will fail.

  3. The interesting aspect to all this is that a Stanford faculty member is the recall “mob leader”. She and her husband have wrapped themselves in victim-hood and have been able launch for-profit local political careers. She has become a Jacobin to be feared by judges and politicians alike. She and her husband are power brokers that have co-opted the system due to their obsession, at the expense of everyone. You can ultimately blame this recall on timid Jeff Rosen. Also, blame the Sheriff for a lab that takes 3-12 weeks to process DNA results, versus 1-2 days.

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