Parking meters stolen

In the 1967 movie "Cool Hand Luke," the character played by Paul Newman is thrown into prison for cutting off the heads of parking meters.

By the Daily Post staff

Maybe somebody was looking for free parking when they stole two parking meters from a parking lot in Burlingame.

Between Jan. 1 and Tuesday (Jan. 9), two coin-operated parking meters were stolen from city lot S, at 1101 Rhinette Ave., according to police Lt. Jay Kiely.

Kiely said police were told on Tuesday around 9 p.m. by a person servicing the meters, that they had been stolen. The meters were last inspected on Jan. 1.

The two meters cost about $500 each, and the thief or thieves stole theh meters but they left the poles that support them, Kiely said. Police don’t have any leads as to who stole the meters.

If anyone has information on the missing meters, they’re asked to call police at 777-4100.

When the perpetrator is caught, it may all come down to a failure to communicate.