Gunpoint robbery near downtown Los Altos

Daily Post Staff Writer

A person walking home near downtown Los Altos was robbed at gunpoint by two people in a car, police said today (Feb. 25).

The robbery was reported around 11:54 a.m. Friday (Feb. 22) on the 1-99 block of Los Altos Avenue, between W. Edith and Mt. Hamilton avenues.

Police Sgt. Cameron Shearer said the car pulled up and two people got out with a gun and took the person’s wallet with an undisclosed amount of cash inside.

It looked as though there may have been one or two more people in the vehicle, Shearer said.

The car then headed south on Los Altos Avenue toward downtown.

Shearer on Monday didn’t have access to the full incident report and was unable to provide any information about the robbers, the car or the victim.

UPDATE, 6 p.m. Tuesday — Los Altos police said today that the victim is in his 80s. A dark car was involved, but police don’t know if that was the vehicle carrying the two suspects. The victim said he only saw one gun. He also said that both suspects were men.



  1. I wouldn’t blame the Post for a lack of details. They probably printed everything the cops had to give them. Hopefully police will release more information soon. Can’t believe there isn’t a video surveillance camera that got a picture of the car or something.

  2. Wow, this is shocking to read. Hopefully the victim was unharmed and s/he was able to provide a plate number and description.

  3. People, please cease and dissent with your inane and very immature political digs. It has no place on this forum.

    I’m really concerned and saddened that Los Altos is experiencing a rise in violent crimes and burglaries. It’s almost surreal to imagine our lovely community being invaded by those horrible miscreants violating and terrorizing our lives.

    All we can do is protect our properties as best as possible and to be on high alert of any suspicious vehicles, people and activities.

    The law will eventually prevail and these disgusting, worthless criminals will be locked up in prison.

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