Woman arrested after allegedly performing sex acts on man at Stanford Hospital

Stanford Hospital
Stanford Hospital

Daily Post Staff Writer

The Palo Alto police arrested a Central Valley woman who was allegedly caught performing sex acts on her boyfriend in a patient room at Stanford Hospital, police said yesterday.

Andrea Marie Caracciolo, 51, of Escalon, was arrested around 11 p.m. Thursday on suspicion of drug intoxication and on a warrant out of Santa Cruz County, Sgt. Craig Lee said.

Caracciolo was arrested at a hospital facility on the 300 block of Campus Drive. Police didn’t specify which drug they believed Caracciolo had taken.

A hospital security official called police after nurses saw the sex acts taking place and alerted security.

Caracciolo’s boyfriend was a patient at the hospital and was not on drugs himself, Lee said.

The unusual arrest wasn’t the first time Caracciolo and her boyfriend have made headlines.

On Aug. 15, an Escalon police officer gave Caracciolo and her 57-year-old boyfriend, Dante Ciraolo, a courtesy ride to a Rite-Aid parking lot in Modesto, 10 miles from Escalon.

The ride stirred up controversy after a passerby photographed the officer dropping the couple off and posted it online, the Modesto Bee reported.

Modesto and Stanislaus County officials accused the Escalon police of “essentially (dumping) two homeless people with extensive criminal histories in the Bay Area and San Joaquin County and no apparent connection to this community” in Modesto.

Police body camera footage showed officers telling Ciraolo and Carraciolo that they couldn’t lie on the ground in Escalon and couldn’t camp in a city park, according to the Modesto Bee.

Caracciolo told the Escalon police that she wanted to go to Modesto, though Ciraolo, who told police he has cancer, said he’d rather go to Manteca, but that he and Caracciolo could no longer stay in that city’s motels.

Escalon’s only motel wouldn’t rent them a room, Ciraolo told police.


  1. Headline seems misleading. Story doesn’t say the arrest was related to the sex act. What crime would that be? She was a arrested on a warrant and on being under the influence.

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