Katie Causey is first candidate to jump into council race

Palo Alto City Council candidate Katie Causey

Katie Causey, an LGBT+ activist, today became the first candidate to enter this fall’s Palo Alto City Council race, when voters fill four of the panel’s seven seats.

The terms of Pat Burt, Lydia Kou, Greg Tanaka, Greg Tanaka and Greer Stone expire this year. The city’s term-limits law prevents Kou and Tanaka from running again, but Burt and Stone are free to run if they wish. If Burt and Stone decide to run, that would leave two undefended seats on council.

Causey, a product of the Palo Alto public schools, ran unsuccessfully for school board in 2020.

Causey is currently a member of the city’s Human Relations Commission. She describes herself as a “roud member of the LGBT+ community,” and identifies as bi.

She attended Ohlone Elementary School, JLS Middle School, and Palo Alto High School. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies from George Washington University focused on local policy, Causey began serving in local nonprofits and community organizations. Causey said she has been volunteering since she was 14.

Causey said in a statement that her priorities on council will be “sustainability, housing, and creating a more inclusive community through events such as the city’s first LGBT+ Pride celebration.”

Causey said she has been endorsed by more than 30 local leaders and community members, including Marie Wolbach, voting rights advocate Alice Smith, former Ohlone Elementary School Principal Susan Charles, Mountain View City Councilwoman Emily Ann Ramos, Mountain View City Councilman Lucas Ramirez, former Redwood City Mayor Giselle Hale, former Federal Election Commissioner Ann Ravel, and California State Board of Equalization Member Sally Lieber.

This story has been updated to accurately reflect how many council seats are open in November.


  1. God forbid these social justice warriors making policy. Imagine if the founding fathers implemented Katie’s socialist, “net zero carbon” ideas instead of the teachings of Locke, Montesquieu, and Thomas Paine? We would still be living a hand-to-mouth existence, working long hours in harsh conditions, and with no electricity, running water, or central heating. It’s only because of the enormous wealth and life-saving technologies created by individuals pursuing their self-interest under free enterprise in a market economy and a limited government that left entrepreneurs alone, that people like Katie enjoy the wealth and privilege to afford to sit around in luxury, watch city council meetings all day without working, and live off the wealth of her family…but then she/her/hers has the hubris to control the wealth-creators with job-destroying, pie-in-the-sky regulations with fancy terms like “sustainability”, “affordable housing” and “LGBTQ celebrations” which involve command-and-control redistribution of other peoples’ hard-earned money. I wish every “women’s studies” grad with pronouns next to their profiles would spend a few years living under communism as a proud bisexual. Oh would that be a valuable education.

  2. People are struggling to pay the rent and put food on the table and she wants more LGBTQ events? Is anybody clamoring for gay pride festivals, or should those things be organized by non-tax funded NGOs? She’s got the wrong priorities.

  3. I can’t wait to vote for Katie Causey! She is hard-working, compassionate, and knows our city. She’ll be a fabulous leader on building homes for all, and including all of our communities in our city’s future. Go Katie!

  4. Today she’s a young idealistic socialist, brimming with ideas she learned in college from radical professors. Will she be a socialist when she’s 40, has a couple of kids she’s trying to raise, paying a mortgage, hoping to hold on to her job? What will be her reaction when she gets slammed with a $40,000 annual property tax bill? I won’t vote for the 20something Katie, but when she has some real-world experience under her belt, as the 40something Katie, she might be worth considering.

  5. I think that Katie is an outstanding candidate for Palo Alto. She is a sincere, motivated, hard working Democrat; a voice of compassion, and will be a good leader in our city.

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