Palo Altan Christine Blasey Ford, who testified against Brett Kavanaugh, will release a memoir

This combination of images shows cover art for "One Way Back," by Christine Blasey Ford, left, and a photo of Blasey Ford as she is sworn in before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington on Sept. 27, 2018. Credit: St. Martin's Press via AP, left, and Win McNamee/pool photo via AP.

The Palo Alto professor who testified that then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had assaulted her while they were in high school has written a memoir. Christine Blasey’s Ford’s “One Way Back” is scheduled for publication next March.

According to St. Martin’s Press, she will share “riveting new details about the lead-up” to her testimony in 2018; “its overwhelming aftermath,” when she allegedly received death threats and was unable to live at her home; and “how people unknown to her around the world restored her faith in humanity.”

Ford, a professor at Palo Alto University and the Stanford University School of Medicine, made headlines when she told the Senate Judiciary Committee about a party she and Kavanaugh attended in the early 1980s. She alleged that he cornered her in a bedroom, pinned her on a bed and tried to take off her clothes, while pressing his hand over her mouth. She said that she fled after a friend of his jumped on the bed and knocked them over.

Her emotional testimony left even some Republicans wondering if Kavanaugh, nominated by President Trump to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, would have enough votes in a Senate where the GOP held just a 51-49 majority. Kavanaugh, who denied her allegations, was approved 50-48.

“I never thought of myself as a survivor, a whistleblower, or an activist before the events in 2018,” Ford said in a statement issued Wednesday through St. Martin’s. “But now, what I and this book can offer is a call to all the other people who might not have chosen those roles for themselves, but who choose to do what’s right. Sometimes you don’t speak out because you are a natural disrupter. You do it to cause a ripple that might one day become a wave.” — By the Associated Press


  1. It appears that the Democrat’s “the woman must be believed” narrative seems to vary greatly according to political expediency and the politics of the accused.

  2. On the book tour, will she be using her normal deep gravely voice that sounds like she’s a Marlboro chain smoker, or the little school girl sing-songy voice she used at the hearing?

  3. Good for her. And shame on the violent misogynist thugs who kept threatening her forcing her to leave her home and her practice.

    Just look at the ethical mess the Supreme Court’s in now. Maybe if we’d been smart enough to believe Anita Hill, too, this wouldn’t be happening and you wouldn’t have Ginni Thomas helping to orgamixe the January 6th violent attempted coup.

  4. I give women the benefit of the doubt because I’m well aware this happens. I don’t base my opinion on politics because I’m not a political person. Politics are fine for other people, but it bores me to death.

  5. I’m not political either. In a situation like this, I’d need evidence to reach a conclusion. It didn’t help her that she couldn’t remember the year in which the assault allegedly occurred. It also didn’t help when her best friend at the time wouldn’t vouch for her story. And her testimony was diminished by the discrepancies between her testimony before the committee and what she told the Washington Post. She provided nothing in the way of proof. If she’s a psycho, one way to know is by reading her previous social media postings. But her handlers took those down before she entered the spotlight. I wanted facts but all they gave the public were uncorroborated, emotional claims.

  6. I took a class from her a few years before this came up and I was surprised at how different her voice was. She normally has a low voice. Not sure how she got away with that voice she used during the hearing. You’d think somebody who knew her would have let the committee or the media know she was using a fake voice.

  7. The Democrat narrative that every woman must be believed fell apart when Tara Reade revealed she had been raped by Joe Biden. Now Democrats don’t talk about believing every woman now.

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