Mark Clay Davis

February 26, 1933 – July 7, 2023

Mark Clay Davis of Atherton, California passed away peacefully on July 7, 2023 at the age of 90.

Mark was a devoted husband, father, grandfather and friend to many, he is survived by his wife Patricia, daughter Kimberley (Fred), son Todd (Sarah) and his three grandchildren Olivia, Gabriel and Fiona.

Born in Topeka Kansas on February 26, 1933 Mark’s family relocated to California shortly thereafter and eventually settled in Coronado, California. Mark often reminisced on his days as the “Coronado Kid” life guarding, surfing and catching lobsters. Mark graduated from Coronado High School in 1951, where he was a stand out athlete lettering in both basketball and football. Mark often spoke of the wonderful mentors and opportunities he was given in youth and was invited to participate in a special football program at Bullis Prep School in Maryland after graduation. After a year at Bullis, Mark embarked on his higher education journey at Stanford University, pausing briefly to serve his country for two years under the GI Bill. Mark retuned to Stanford in 1956 and went on to graduate in 1958. Mark was a member of the Beta Fraternity and the founder of the Stanford Real Estate Club. Mark remained an active Stanford alumnus for the rest of his life and was always incredibly grateful for the life long friendships he made along the way.

Mark was married in 1959 in Palo Alto, California to the love of his life, Patricia Ann Kaser. For the next 64 years they were never apart and enjoyed time with friends and family. One of Mark’s favorite things to do was enjoy a home-cooked meal and watch sports with his “bride.”

Mark enjoyed a long and successful career in commercial real estate. Mark co-founded the commercial division of Cornish & Carey in 1971 and continued on as an executive managing director for over 43 years. In addition to his success with Cornish & Carey Mark was also a partner in Golden Gate Investments a local real estate development company. Mark was well respected in the Silicon Valley real estate community and mentored many young talented individuals interested in pursuing a career in real estate. Mark was very keen on sharing the skills he had developed and passing them along. Having had many wonderful mentors himself he felt strongly about teaching and helping others.

In addition to Marks passion for work, Mark was a natural born athlete who loved games and sports. He could often be found on the tennis courts of the Menlo Circus Club or playing sand volleyball with his buddies in Ladera. Never one to turn down a game of dominoes or backgammon, those that played with him understood the true competitor he was.

We were all blessed to have known him and have shared his journey on this earth. Those who knew Mark knew his generous heart and his deep appreciation for his friendships. Famous for his weekly “check-in” calls, Mark’s time, commitment and genuine interest were the hallmark of his relationships and just one of his many gifts. When asked what the most important life lesson he had learned was Mark replied, “to listen.” Mark took that lesson very seriously. Mark was a good listener, in his friendships, in his business, and to those of us who called him, husband, dad, “pop” or “big bear”. As he said, it was the key to his success in all aspects of life.

We will miss him.

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