Another street robbery in Atherton

The red mark shows the general area on Rittenhouse Avenue where the robbery occurred. Google maps.

For the second time in a month, a pedestrian walking in Atherton was robbed of a necklace.

Today (Sunday, July 2) at 1:30, the female robber approached and “forcibly removed” a necklace from the victim who was walking on Rittenhouse Avenue. The robber also got her wedding ring.

The robber then left in a white sedan with a man and woman inside, police said.

As for a description, all the victim was able to remember was that the victim had a medium complexion.

On May 28, a robber also used force to remove a necklace from a woman in the 0-99 block of Holbrook Lane, the area immediately east of Middlefield Road.

In that robbery, the thief and her crew fled in a white or silver BMW X3 with no front plate. The suspects were described as a Hispanic man wearing a black t-shirt and a Hispanic woman.

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  1. Palo Alto sure is becoming a favorite target for all kinds of criminals, while safety and quality of life continue to deteriorate. Does anyone care?

    How can we get our public officials to care and to take action?

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