Paly-Gunn game ends in chaos

Students wearing Gunn High School red show their enthusiasm before a Sept. 9 game. Post photo by Braden Cartwright.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Students were fired up last night (Sept. 9) as the Palo Alto Vikings cruised to a 41-0 blowout victory over the Gunn Titans in a game that ended early after a sizable crowd of Paly kids ran over to the other side.

Leading up to the game …

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  1. This time of year. Again. And football.
    Copying my short post, Ongoing page- this blog, back 2013. I am highlighting my question:

    Egg wars (link #1) – it is this time of year…
    I have posted the following question several times since the famous 2009 Gunn egg wars, in various ways.
    May I suggest to try to imagine, for example, a hypothetical situation: What would be consequences faced by Minorities – African American/Hispanic/Tongan, from EPA, studying in Palo Alto High if they were the ones caught damaging Gunn’s new track throwing eggs, part of a “group activity tradition”?
    Would anyone argue that consequences were too harsh?”

    I have no doubt that should minorities have practiced egg wars on Gunn’s track in 2009 no one would have questioned the consequences. I also have no doubt that minorities students are well aware of that.

  2. This didn’t age well. BLM riots post Ferguson and the Summer of Love (June 2020) changed all of that. Now, the reverse is the more likely outcome, with minorities – blacks in particular – treated with kid gloves and whites more heavily punished. I also have no doubt that white students are well aware of that as well.

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