Higher pay lures Palo Alto police away

Daily Post Staff Writer

The Palo Alto Police Department is seeing an exodus of police officers leaving for higher pay, more opportunity and a shorter commute to the Santa Clara Police Department.

In the past several years, five police officers and two sergeants have left for Santa Clara, union president Ken Kratt said. The latest departure was a veteran officer who resigned last week, he said.

The turnover comes as Assistant Chief Andrew Binder takes the reigns of the departments. Outgoing Chief Bob Jonsen takes time off until …

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  1. 2020 Public records shows more than 38 police employees over $300,000 in total compensation and this group over $400K
    Employee Name|Job Title|Base Pay|Total Pay & Benefits
    Edward S|City Manager|$347,797|$550,270.77
    Shane Y|Battalion Chief – Shift/E|$193,473|$431,323.48
    Zachary P|Police Captain-Adv|$240,594|$428,862.87
    Adrienne M|Police Sgt/Adv|$175,658|$418,352.59
    Robert J|Police Chief-Adv|$272,227|$412,800.92
    Andrew B|Assistant Police Chief|$249,058|$410,967.93
    April W|Police Captain-Adv|$228,202|$410,463.96
    Stephen L|Battalion Chief – Shift/E|$193,473|$405,369.08
    Cornelius M|Police Lieut-Adv|$217,579|$400,392.35


  2. Top earners in 2021 for Santa Clara:

    Name Job title Reg pay Tot pay + bene
    Deanna S City Manager $448,491 $743,110
    Jesse D Troubleshooter $172,711 $565,178
    Lington G Elec Foreperson $185,118 $553,823
    Ruben T Fire Chief $343,829 $545,327
    Wahid K Asst Police Chief $341,796 $543,203
    Patrick N Police Chief $313,691 $524,170
    Calogero M Fire Captain $202,423 $522,683
    Luis M Police Captain $246,189 $518,673
    Ruth S Temp Employee $307,198 $517,668
    Undisclosed Police Officer $173,412 $515,312
    Manuel P Chief Elec Utl Off $370,996 $513,658
    Derek R Asst Police Chief $325,000 $512,629


  3. remember that California government employees can retire as early as age 50 with full benefits including fully paid for medical insurance. Also there’s a typo in your story: reigns->reins.

  4. That’s wrong, Bob. The city has two tiers for pension benefits among its safety forces. In 2012, council phased out full retirement funding for employees at age 50. Now the retirement age is 55 Tier 2.

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