Belmont-Redwood Shores voters to decide parcel tax

Measure C would impose a parcel tax on property located in the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District, with the goal of providing a stable source of funding for the district.

With existing parcel tax measures set to expire, Measure C would provide an estimated $3.5 million annually for the district, which includes seven schools in Belmont and Redwood City.

If approved, the annual tax would be $292 per parcel, which would increase by 3% each year for 10 years, starting July 2023.

Revenue from Measure C would be locally controlled, meaning it cannot be taken away by the state, and would go toward academic programs, attracting and keeping qualified teachers, keeping school libraries open, retaining reading specialists and qualified counsellors and maintaining small class sizes.

Advocates for the measure say the funding is necessary to prevent teacher layoffs and cuts to academic programs, especially since that the district’s per-student funding is below the state average. Over 30 elected officials endorse the measure, according to the “Yes on C” website, which also lists various parent teacher associations and dozens of individuals who endorse the measure.

Opponents to the measure, such as the Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association and the San Mateo County Republican Party, state that additional taxes create a burden for homeowners, who have already had to pay parcel taxes in recent years.

Opponents cite the district’s recent declining test scores as a reason to vote against the measure.

Two-thirds of voters need to vote “yes” on the measure for it to pass. — Bay City News