Man arrested after lewd act at Starbucks

Alexander Keenabautista Neumeier

By the Daily Post staff

Palo Alto police said they arrested yesterday (Feb. 3) a man at the Starbucks at 376 University Ave. who was pleasuring himself while seated inside at a table in the coffee shop.

Alexander Keenabautista Neumeier, 27, a transient, was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail for indecent exposure and annoying children, both of which are misdemeanors.

Police said the incident wasn’t related to a peeping incident at the Verve Coffee Shop, 162 University Ave., on Monday. The perpetrator in the Verve incident remains at large. In that case, the perpetrator went into the women’s room and put his head under the stall divider, looking in her direction. The victim ran out of the coffee shop.

In the Starbucks incident, two teenage girls noticed the man, later identified as Neumeier, touching himself, police said. The girls promptly told an employee who called police.


  1. Of course such incidents should not happen in public… But somehow men are being treated like the most wanted which is, in my opinion, sometimes going too far… We can start stigmatizing those customers cutting the line, those people not saying please and thank you… Etc etc…

  2. The city has lost control of the homeless situation. Building another shelter by the Baylands will only attract more of them. We need to give them bus tickets from wherever they came from. And we’ve got to stop places from giving them free meals or shelter. That’s just asking for more of them.

  3. Ok, he’s mentally ill. Why haven’t you taken him in so that he’s not on the streets? If that was impossible, why didn’t you put him in a facility? Put him in a conservatorship?

    And why should we have to tolerate his behavior? Why should teenage girls have to see that on a trip to starbucks? How is this their fault?

  4. This guy was charged with a misdemeanor. Under DA Jeff “Soft on Crime” Rosen, his bail will be $0. So he could be doing this at another Starbucks right now. If he’s convicted, it will be probation and no jail. If he’s sentenced to mental health treatment, they cat force him to do anything. He won’t get the help he needs and this will happen all over again.

  5. At least he didn’t or wasn’t trying to hurt anyone or steal from the store.

    Like the old saying goes, when you gotta go… you gotta go… however inappropriate the setting may be.

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