Residents organizing against leaf blowers

AP file photo.

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Daily Post Staff Writer

Helene Grossman has been working from home as a data scientist for Way-mo for the last year and a half. Every day, she says she is interrupted and stressed out by the inescapable hum of gas-powered leaf blowers.

“Even on the weekends,” she said. “I can’t enjoy time with my kids in our backyard because we can hear the leaf blowers and smell the gas, so we’re forced to go inside.”

Grossman is one of nearly 200 Palo Alto residents calling for the city to enforce its ban on gas-powered leaf blowers that was passed in 2005.

On Monday, her group had some success ….

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  1. The leaf blower is one of the worst inventions of man. It is a noise pollutant. It is inefficient and simply scatters dust. It should be banned from neighborhoods.

  2. We care more about leaf blower noise than the worst human rights violations in our lifetimes bar none – lockdowns, closures, forced quarantines, mask mandates, get vaxxed or lose your job, and show-me-your-papers passports.

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