City rejects two-story home after neighbors say it doesn’t fit in

House proposed for 2125 Carmelita Drive in San Carlos.
Home currently at 2125 Carmelita Drive.


Daily Post Staff Writer

The San Carlos Planning Commission denied a proposal by developer Thomas James Homes to tear down a home on Carmelita Drive and replace it with a larger, two-story home after neighbors said the proposed house did not fit in with the neighborhood.

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  1. SB9, passed by the legislature with the help of our local legislature reps Becker and Berman will make it impossible for cities to do this in the future. It requires them to approve putting up to four units on a single residential lot. The bill is on the governors desk. Newsom has been a rubberstamp for them. He needs to be recalled so someone will push back against the craziness of the legislature. And Becker and Berman need to be voted out of office.

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