Two shootings in one day in Redwood City

Daily Post Staff Writer

Redwood City police are investigating two shootings in one day — in one case, a 16-year-old boy was arrested for an attempted drive-by shooting and in the other, two people were wounded but the shooter wasn’t arrested.

Police Lt. Casey Donovan said the two shootings on Thursday (July 29) were unrelated.

On Thursday around noon, Redwood City Police responded to a report of a shooting on the 1500 block of Gordon St., which is between Palm Avenue and Woodside Road.

No one was hit. It occurred when the intended victim was checking on his car, police said. The 16-year-old shooter was spotted zooming down the street, firing at the man out of his passenger window, police said.

The man’s car was hit by one of the five shots the 16-year-old squeezed off.

The man knew the teen and identified him to police, who arrested the teen. He had 9mm ammo and a 9 mm magazine with him, the type found at the scene.

He was booked into Hillcrest Youth Center for attempted murder.

Later Thursday, at 7:10 p.m., two people were shot near the King Street entrance of Red Morton Park, near the baseball field. In that shooting, two people approached the victims near their parked car on the 900 block of King Street, Sgt. Nick Perna said last week.

One person pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots at the two victims, hitting each victim once, Perna said.

The two were taken to Stanford Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.


  1. I live around the corner from where the drive-by shooting happened. By coincidence, that night I left my convertible top down all night, sitting in the driveway, and in the morning, nothing had been touched. We’re a Google family who live in a tiny 3/2.5 house Zillow values at 1.9m. Palm Avenue’s sidewalks are lined each evening with software engineers pushing baby carriages and walking microdogs. The drive-by shooting must have been a TikToker mad at a YouTuber for stealing yet another influencer. But in five years those TikTok scum won’t be able to afford Palm Avenue.

      • Thanks, Jerry, but 1800sqft? Tiny. Putting jokes aside, I was standing up for my neighborhood, where you can come out of your house in the morning and the famous Chalk Granny will have sketched on your driveway a full size picture of Alice in Wonderland in colored chalk for the families’ children to see on their evening promenade. In the last five years, young couples from Google, TikTok, Facebook jogging or pushing banana strollers have joined the after-dinner stroll. (I talk to them if I’m gardening out front.) Passing just my three neighbors and myself they might hear conversations in Spanish, Chinese, Hungarian, Polish. Palm is completely diverse, racially too. Guys with guns near Red Morton? But that’s where the Sushi restaurant and Desi restaurant just joined Baskin Robbins and people sit on the sunny wall eating ice cream cones. That proves it can happen anywhere, I guess, since it’s a weird anomaly here. Palm is Chalk Granny and optimistic looking couples with baby carriages, Chihuahuas, and Teacup Maltese.

  2. Once again we see criminals with access to firearms and ammunition while law-abiding citizens are effectively precluded from owning firearms and buying ammunition by CA’s draconian gun laws. in September, we have a chance to put a sane person as governor of the state. The governor could act as a balance against the legislature passing more gun laws among other things. So vote yes on the recall and then choose one of the excellent candidates to be the replacement governor.

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