Make Your Dream Home Come to Life with Rich

Flegel’s Design

At Flegel’s Design, Rich Burford and the other talented interior designers there have the vision and the expertise to make your dream home a reality.

With a curated showroom full of the highest quality furniture and accessories, they can fully custom design any living room, dining room, bedroom, office or patio space. But those are only the beginning of what they offer. Their interior designers have access to a vast store of furniture, accessories and finishes, as well as craftspeople who can customize pieces or even design them from scratch.

After an extensive program at Ringling College of Art + Design, Rich enjoyed a successful career in furniture and design. He was the fashion director for furniture at Macy’s West before joining Flegel’s as an interior designer in 2002.

Rich Burford (650) 326-9661

He said he recently helped one pair of clients move from a large, very traditionally styled estate to a much more contemporary house half the size of the previous one after the clients’ kids moved out. He curated the furniture pieces they already had and reworked their setting in the new house, which they styled with a color palette and finishes that suited the newer style.

“You can make the exact same pieces look very different in a different room, surrounded by different colors or with different fabrics,” he said.

“It really does start every time with a plan for color, texture and composition,” he added. “We built an entire house starting from one fabric. Or you could start with a rug they have and love. I interpret what their wishes are and edit so it works for the house.”

Another pair of clients, he said, had a specific vision they asked him to achieve: an updated English country house with a contemporary feeling.

“We achieved the contemporary feeling with paintings, rugs and custom paint colors,” he said. “We had a very contemporary palette but traditional window coverings.”

They also had an antique piece of Victorian furniture that Rich was able to get custom reupholstered in a modern textile and color.

“It became stunning,” he said. “The star piece in the room.”

Flegel’s only offers its clients premium brands that can guarantee exceptional quality. Their manufacturers range from storied American companies like Stickley to Rho Mobili, an Italian family furniture maker that handcrafts incredible pieces using artisan techniques that have been passed down since the 1700s. Rich said he’s had several clients order one-of-a-kind pieces from Rho and design rooms around them.

To find out more about how Rich can help you, call him at (650) 326-9661, email or stop by Flegel’s Design’s downtown Menlo Park showroom Tuesday through Saturday.