Visualize Your Redesigned Home with Scarlett

Flegel’s Design

At Flegel’s Design in Menlo Park, Scarlett Urtecho and their other talented interior designers are ready to put their skills and Flegel’s vast inventory of home furniture and accessories to work in creating a home that’s perfect for you.

Scarlett, who has worked at Flegel’s for five years, says she and the team there handle all home furniture and interior design needs, no matter how big or small. Whether someone wants a custom sofa, a new dining room or an entirely redesigned house, they can help.

With a keen eye for aesthetics, Scarlett originally thought she’d go into fashion. She obtained an associate’s degree in visual communications at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco, then a bachelor’s degree from the Art Institute of California – San Francisco in fashion, marketing and management. But she soon discovered how much she enjoyed putting her expertise with color, textile and style to use in interior design.

“Interior design is fashion for furniture,” she said.
“It all correlates.”

Scarlett Urtecho (650) 326-9664

She helped one recent client, who had just moved from Menlo Park to a much larger house in Saratoga, do a complete overhaul of furniture and accessories. While their style remained traditional, she helped them find pieces that would work with their new Spanish-style house.

“I introduced them to a lot of furniture brands they didn’t even know of,” she said. “I showed them the possibilities and they loved it. Because their new house was much larger, they needed heftier furniture to fill out the space. I helped them visualize how big pieces needed to be to be proportionate to the room, what sizes they needed to order, what worked, what didn’t.”

“That’s the plus side to having access to more than 50 brands,” she added. “We can do furniture and styles made in the U.S., or from Italy, Mexico, Spain. We have a huge range of styles to draw from.”
She says that when clients don’t come in with a specific vision, she will help them identify whether their style is more traditional, modern or in-between, then show them pieces to see what they are drawn to. After selecting key furniture pieces, it’s time for rug options.

“That will set our color palette for the room,” she said. “It’s like artwork for the floor. It makes it easier to select furniture and finishes.”

While some people worry that interior designers only stick with their own particular style, Scarlett says every room and home are designed to be just right for the client who lives there.

“At Flegel’s, we’ll always make it happen for whatever it is you want,” she said.

To find out more about how Scarlett can help you, call her at (650) 326-9664, email or stop by Flegel’s Design’s downtown Menlo Park showroom Tuesday through Saturday.