Make the Home of Your Dreams with Marci

Flegel’s Design

Whether you need to revamp a living room or decorate an entire home from scratch, Marci Krause and the other talented interior designers at Flegel’s Design in Menlo Park are ready to help you create the home of your dreams.

Their curated showroom full of beautiful furniture and accessories is just the beginning of what they offer, said Krause, one of the four experienced designers there. They can also have custom furniture crafted for their clients, who can pick out finishes, fabrics and design elements exactly to their specifications.

Krause says the key to helping clients is finding out everything she can about their space and how they intend to use it. She takes inspiration from her clients’ home architecture as well as their personal style and lifestyle. “I’ll say, ‘Show me a piece of furniture or a fabric that you really love.”
Every client is different, and some look to her for her knowledge and taste while others want her to turn their vision into reality.

Marci Krause (650) 326-9663 [email protected]

For one project, a Tahoe home with knotty pine floors and ceilings, the client wanted a more formal interior that still matched the rustic style, she said. “I explained how I could help move toward that look by using French country furniture and mixing it with some modern and glass pieces. They were very pleased and now I’ve done two other homes for them. It’s always such a compliment to have a client come back.”

Krause has worked in interior design for 11 years. A trained musician, she originally obtained her bachelor’s degree in fine arts, but in 2008 decided to turn her longtime passion for design into a career. She obtained an associate’s degree in interior design from Monterey Peninsula Community College then became certified as an interior designer by the California Council for Interior Design. She joined the Flegel’s team in 2017.

She says her favorite aspect of working at Flegel’s is having the freedom to obtain or even create any design.

“Not only do we have vendors of all styles and types, but we also work with craftspeople who do metalwork, woodwork, upholstery and more. We can literally design something from scratch. That’s what every designer wants, all the tools needed to create a space. That’s a wonderful feeling: When someone says, ‘I need this specific thing,’ I can say ‘I can get that for you.’”

To find out more about how Marci can help you, call her at (650) 326-9663, email [email protected] or stop by Flegel’s Design’s downtown Menlo Park showroom Tuesday through Saturday.