Parents say new math test doesn’t add up

A few of the signs at Jordan Middle School in Palo Alto have been repainted to reflect the school’s new name. The Palo Alto school board voted in March to rename Jordan after Frank Greene, a black Silicon Valley tech luminary, and Terman Middle School after Ellen Fletcher, the late Palo Alto councilwoman, bicycling advocate and Holocaust survivor, because David Starr Jordan and Lewis Terman were eugenics advocates. It looks like Greene will keep Jordan’s mascot, the Jaguars. Post photo.
Greene Middle School in Palo Alto. Post photo.

Daily Post Correspondent

Palo Alto Unified students who want to skip a grade of middle school math must first pass five hours of tests — exams that some parents say are intended to hold back higher-performing students as a way to close the district’s “achievement gap.”

The optional tests, which the Palo Alto Unified School District will administer next month, include a two-hour exam plus a three-hour exam given to fifth and sixth graders.

A fifth grader …

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