Ex-deputy sheriff headed for trial in election fraud case

Daily Post Staff Writer

After seven years full of delays, the case of a former San Mateo County deputy sheriff accused of election fraud will go to trial.

Juan Pablo Lopez, 57, is accused of falsely claiming he was a …

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  1. Journalists and members of the public may listen to the Juan Lopez trial
    Friday Mar 12 at 9am by dialing:
    1 425 650 1381
    ACCESS CODE 425563

  2. I see my previous comment under the name “Alex Jones” was taken down. But I think I’m right in stating that the “conspiracy theory” crowd will be pulling for Lopez in this case. This group believes that the sheriff and DA are involved in sinister dealings, and that there’s a coordinated effort to go after people like Lopez. I won’t name names but you know who you are. (Watch out but the black helicopters are following you! Just kidding.)

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