Council receptive to housing proposal

A proposed housing development at 2951 El Camino Real in Palo Alto that will be discussed by City Council on Tuesday. Rendering by architect Sherry L. Scott.

Daily Post Staff Writer

A five-story building with 113 apartments, offices and retail on El Camino Real near Page Mill Road won the qualified support of most of the members of the Palo Alto City Council last night, though they still wanted changes in the development.

For instance, Councilman Eric Filseth, who is part of council’s Residentialist slow-growth wing, said it is “within the cosmos” that he could approve the project at 2951 El Camino because it’s in a good location for housing …

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1 Comment

  1. City Council had a chance to use the 4256 ECR site for housing, but were too scared of developer lawsuits if they declined the 5-story obnoxious hotel project on that postage stamp of a property.

    What’s the point of pretending like you have any say-so, if you just cower at the prospect of litigation?

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