City has surplus of millions

Daily Post Staff Writer

East Palo Alto posted a surplus of $12.3 million for the 2020 fiscal year that ended in June despite losing some income because of the Covid pandemic, according to a financial report.

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  1. I don’t see having a massive budget surplus as in any way a good thing in East Palo Alto. The city has neglected parks, has had an abysmal response to COVID, has seen the murder rate spike 700% in the last year – we should have been spending money to address all of these problems, not socking money away in a bank account. It is one thing to be prudent with budgets, another thing all together to be parsimonious/stingy. We have problems that money could have easily fixed, and absolutely should have been spending instead of saving.

    • The City also needs to straighten out their development schedule. Projects piled onto projects with o clear management strategy. Also, There is the money for Sobrato’s new sewers. This will avoid a $1,000 per year rate increase fro East Palo Alto Sanitary District ratepayers.

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