Palo Alto school administrator takes superintendent post in San Bernardino County

By the Daily Post staff

The Palo Alto school district’s deputy superintendent, Karen Hendricks, has accepted the job of superintendent of the 6,000-student Alta Loma School District in the San Bernardino County community of Rancho Cucamonga.

The Alta Loma district announced her appointment on Friday. She starts her new job on Feb. 1.

Hendricks served as interim superintendent in Palo Alto following the sudden resignation of Superintendent Max McGee in October 2017.

She had been assistant superintendent of HR for four months before the school board tapped her for the superintendent’s post. She remained as interim superintendent until Don Austin took over the job on a permanent basis in July 2018. At that point, Hendricks returned to the district administration as deputy superintendent.

Before joining the Palo Alto district, she was a classroom teacher, an assistant HR director for the Santa Cruz schools and a chief HR administrator in Carmel, where she later served as interim superintendent.



  1. That’s pretty cool that a school teacher was able to rise the ranks as she did.
    Good luck to her, I’m sure this is the upgrade she was looking for.

    As a former employee of the school district, I’ve seen a mass exodus of fully qualified educators and admin leave pausd for greener pastures. Don Austin pits educators against educators, educators against admin and admin against educators, for what?

    pa needs to dump this Don too.

    • I would like to understand the proof you have in the statement that “Austin pits educators against educators, educators against admin and admin against educators”? I haven’t seen any evidence of that so far. I have seen the teacher’s union try to move away on agreed terms to contracts that had been negotiated many times. I have seen the school board not been held accountable. It seems that this culture was around before Austin, no?

  2. Thanks Karen. Hope that you won’t promote administrators there who fail to follow the law and harm students as you did here at PAUSD. I get that the union refuses accountability, but looking out for students is the job.

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