Proposal calls for schools to reopen between October and January

Palo Alto and Gunn high schools.

By the Daily Post staff

Palo Alto school Superintendent is proposing the district re-open for in-person teaching on the following dates:

• Grades TK-1: Oct. 12
• Grades 2-3: Oct. 26
• Grades: 4-5: Nov. 9
• Grades 6-12: Jan. 7

This is part of a proposal that Austin will present to the school board on Tuesday (Sept. 22). More details will be available tomorrow when the board’s agenda is posted online.

He said things are still being worked out regarding the dates for special education.

Austin said he’ll walk through his reopening plans on Monday during his “Backstage with the Superintendent” webinar.



  1. Open right in the middle of common cold and flu season? Isn’t that risky? People could die. We should institute massive flu testing and lockdowns first to flatten the curve. Never mind if people starve to death.

  2. Alvin, We would not want to leave the mask and social distancing police with nothing to do. Just more fodder for the scamdemic shrills to cry for a second lockdown. We need to dumb down our children!

  3. The law says in person instruction to the greatest extent possible. Another portion of SB 98 says in person instruction whenever possible. If private schools and charters can hold in person instruction, it is certainly possible.

    PAUSD just saved over $10 million via school closure and not delivering its usual services; perhaps some of that $10 million could be spent on safety protocols.

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