All lanes on Highway 101 may become toll lanes

Caltrans has put up several signs on Highway 101 that indicate the toll lanes are on the way. Post photo.
Daily Post Correspondent

Transportation agencies are developing a plan for a $3.7 billion network of pay-to-use express lanes throughout the Bay Area — a plan that could usher in tolls on all lanes of some roads, including highway 101 between San Jose and San Francisco.

The express lane network proposal would likely include building new lanes on certain freeway segments, according to a presentation to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Operations Committee in June. The added lanes would eventually attract more cars to the road, increasing greenhouse gas emissions, transportation models predict.

Charging a toll to drivers on all lanes is a strategy that’s being evaluated as a way to …

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  1. I can’t believe they’re going to get away with this! We already paid for that freeway once. When are the public hearings on this? I want a say. Why aren’t the candidates for city council or the state Senate talking about it? Is that because the “fix” is in, and they won’t be able to move up the political ladder if they say anything about it?

  2. Yes, we already paid for HWY101 once but now have to pay again.

    Like this website: Premium Content: To read the rest of this article,
    We paid once by being subjected to ads and now again via Premium.

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