Cougar alert: Mountain lion spotted roaming San Carlos hills

File photo of mountain lion

A mountain lion was spotted Saturday night in the area of Club Drive at Cambourne Avenue in San Carlos, according to an advisory from San Mateo County.

The big cat was seen near Hidden Canyon Park.

Officials advise people to avoid hiking or jogging alone, especially between dusk and dawn, and to hike with a walking stick that can be used to ward off a mountain lion.

Anyone encountering a lion should not run, but instead make noise, wave their arms, and throw rocks or other objects. If they are attacked, they
should fight back with rocks, sticks, or bare hands, according to public
safety officials. — Bay City News

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  1. My son and I heard a piercing scream late at night a few days ago. Must have been this puma. We live east of Alameda de las Pulgas, North of Woodside, & in the quiet of the night, sounds reverberate off the hills (cordilleras). Probably it’s looking down for water since the hills are so dry.

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