Man arrested for allegedly snatching another man’s cellphone during movie

By the Daily Post staff

A man was arrested at a Mountain View movie theater after allegedly snatching another man’s cellphone from his hand because he was using it during a matinee of the Keanu Reeves thriller “John Wick: Chapter 3,” police said.

Patrick Dalton, 55, of Cupertino, was arrested on suspicion of robbery and assault around 3:52 p.m. Sunday (May 19) at the Showplace ICON movie theater at San Antonio Center.

According to police, Dalton got upset that a 41-year-old Los Altos man was using his phone during the movie, so he took the phone out of the man’s hand.

Dalton allegedly started walking out of the theater with the man’s phone, but then the Los Altos man allegedly pushed him.

Police said that Dalton then took the man’s phone to guest services. As Dalton was walking back into the movie, the Los Altos man stepped in front of him and the two began to scuffle.

Dalton allegedly shoved the Los Altos man in his upper torso near his throat. A theater employee cut in and called police.

Police spokeswoman Katie Nelson said that Dalton cooperated with police.


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