1. Please make the list of locations available on your website. I realize it may change from time to time, but merely providing a link to it should be trivially easy. My known nearby rack locations are frequently either not filled or empty by the time I reach them, so it’d be helpful if there was a list of all the locations available so people like me can visit others until we find one that isn’t empty.

  2. You can always find the Post if you go to a blue box at 8 am. If you look at 11 am, the boxes will probably be empty. There’s apparently a lot of demand for the Post.

  3. I really appreciate the Daily Post and its reporters. I think the comment about the demand for the Post really says it all. People appreciate the news coverage in the Post. It’s interesting, but if you go to a place where there are boxes with the Post and Weekly side by side, the Post box will empty pretty quickly. But the Weekly’s box, which is only replenished once a week, will remain full all week long. There’s apparently little demand for the Weekly. Not sure how they stay in business.

  4. The Daily Post should definitely print MORE papers. It’s frustrating to drive around in the afternoon looking for a box that still has papers. Worse, the Post doesn’t post most of it’s articles online. Sometimes the best stories they have dug up remain in the print edition only. I don’t understand their thinking, but it leaves me very frustrated.

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