Forcible rape reported at Stanford

By the Daily Post staff

A woman was forcibly raped somewhere on the Stanford campus late on Sunday night or early on Monday morning, according to an alert issued this morning (Aug. 21) by the university’s Department of Public Safety.

The alert is vague and indicates police have little to go on.

“The Stanford University Department of Public Safety has no additional information regarding this incident,” the alert said.

No description of the assailant was given. No explanation is offered as to why police waited until this morning to issue the alert, though Stanford is on summer break.

The alert also doesn’t say whether the woman was raped by an acquaintance or a stranger. If the attacker was a stranger, and still at large, other women are presumably at risk.

Police are asking anybody with information about the rape to call them at (650) 329-2413.


  1. Too bad this woman didn’t give police any information about her attacker. I realize it’s difficult sometimes for a victim to talk about such an ordeal. But it’s important to catch a rapist so that he doesn’t prey on other women. I realize privacy and the woman’s feelings are important here, but she should feel an obligation to provide some basic information to prevent harm to others. I realize this is a touchy subject, but it is concerning that a rapist is loose on campus.

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