Looks like the old Oasis is going to get a new neighbor

An artist's representation of a proposed development for 201 El Camino Real in Mountain View.

Daily Post Staff Writer

The closure of the Oasis Beer Garden is not the only change on the 200 block of El Camino Real in Menlo Park. An Atherton developer is proposing to build a three-story development next to the old burger joint.

Atherton-based HuHan Two LLC wants to build a 38-foot-tall building at 201 El Camino, at the corner of El Camino and Cambridge Avenue. The building would consist of 15 apartments on its second and third floors, and 7,948-square-feet of retail and office space on the first floor, according to project plans.

The developer is also promising to create a small park as a buffer between the building and the Allied Arts neighborhood.

HuHan Two LLC is requesting that the city abandon a portion of Alto Lane, which goes into the current parking lot behind 201 El Camino, in order for a new parking lot to be built between the park and the building, and lead into an underground lot.

There will be 62 parking spaces in the underground parking lot, and eight will be above ground near the office spaces, according to the project plans.

The project will be reviewed by the city’s planning commission. But since it was just submitted on Tuesday no hearing dates have been set.

A site plan for the proposed development at the corner of El Camino Real and Cambridge Avenue in Menlo Park.


  1. “HuHan Two LLC” sounds like a true-blue, American, mom and pop operation to me. Why is it ok for red Chinese to buy property in the US (jacking up housing prices with properties that often sit idle, paid for with briefcases of cash) when Americans cannot own a square foot of land in China? Another key issue in the “affordable housing” debate-farce that is ignored.

  2. The request that the city close part of Alto Lane, an alley behind all the buildings on that block, just so they can have a garage-ramp there, seems particularly cheeky. How about ‘No, people use that’?

    The description and site plan would seem to suggest that Koma Sushi and Charisma Salon would be losing their retail space, at least during demolition and new construction. The proposed building would include four retail premises, replacing the current two.

    Rick Moen
    [email protected]

  3. The building is just plain F-ugly and doesn’t belong in Menlo Park! Who is on the Planning Commission??! . . .this is just an eyesore. . . sad! No style, not compatible with current buildings, just a monstrous big ugly building.

  4. Now we know why Beltramo wouldn’t allow the Goose people to open the Oasis under the terms he proposed to the previous operators that folded under his pressure. Nothing like trading an essential part of the community fabric for another office building. On one hand, tens of thousands of friendships formed, generations of families celebrating, sports teams (youth, local, professional) supported; On the other hand, commodity offices that provide a higher return on investment and leverage to do more investing, because once this is approved, his building will be next on the market to be developed. Bravo to the Guild restoration folks who are at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of class, character, civic-mindedness and assumption of true leadership from the man who destroyed the O.

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