Drew Combs, Menlo Park planning commissioner, considers challenging Kirsten Keith

By the Daily Post staff

Drew Combs, a Menlo Park planning commission member who nearly won a seat on City Council four years ago, told the Post last night (June 17) he is considering running again this fall.

If he decides to run, he would go up against two-term incumbent Kirsten Keith, who has said she will be seeking a third four-year term in November.

When he ran four years ago, the council was elected at large. But this year, the city is divided into five districts, and he and Keith would compete in the district that includes the Willows neighborhood.

Combs, 41, is a manager in the user experience unit of Facebook, and as such wouldn’t be able to vote on that company’s major development project on Willow Road. On the planning commission, Combs has recused himself from any decisions regarding Facebook.

Combs said a major issue for him is traffic, which has hit the Willows especially hard. While he supports putting up the “no through traffic” signs on certain streets, he said he wants to delve deeper into the issue and look for a broader solution.

Combs said he hopes to make a decision about running by the end of this week or early next week.

In 2014, Combs came within 347 votes on gaining a seat on council in a six-candidate field.


  1. Thank you, Drew!!! Finally somebody is going to run against her. I hope he exposes her pro-development record and connects it to the traffic we’ve had to suffer through.

  2. I live in the Willows and traffic has never been worse. Kirsten has had 8 years and things have gotten really bad. She’s had her chance. We need somebody new. If Drew runs, I’ll welcome having a choice. We’re on the wrong track right now.

  3. Thank goodness we will have a real election. KK is too slick for my taste. Frequently talking one way and then voting the other.

  4. How did we, as Menlo Park residents and taxpayers, benefit from her free trip to China? Why was her trip to China more important than scrutinizing Facebook’s Village project?

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