High school publication’s ‘bullet hole’ edition draws national attention

Palo Alto High School's Verde magazine made a point about gun control by putting a hole through every page of its April 7 edition.
Palo Alto High School's Verde magazine made a point about gun control by putting a hole through every page of its April 7 edition.

By the Daily Post staff

The Palo Alto High School student magazine Verde is drawing national attention for the unique way it chose to call attention to gun violence in America.

The April 7 edition of the magazine includes a “bullet hole” — an actual hole — that pierces the cover and every page of the issue. The magazine became a hot topic Monday on Reddit and then the national media jumped on the story.

“It’s our job to somehow extend the dialogue of how students feel and act towards everything that is happening,” co-editor Emma Cockerell told CNN. “We also want to call for a reform that needs to happen.”

The idea for the hole was a response to the Feb. 14 shooting at a high school in Florida where 17 people died.

But the topic of school violence came home to Paly students on the afternoon of March 29 when the campus went on lockdown because a shooting threat was called into police. It turned out to be a hoax, but the experience was frightening to the students.

“When we talk about the lockdown and the fear of that moment, everything was just very real,” Cockerell told CNN. “Running to throw our desks towards the door, students hiding and really not knowing what’s going on or what was going to happen, thinking ‘this is it?,’ it’s just an experience we thought that needed to be documented as it was happening.”

The student editors told NBC that a student artist designed the bullet fracture and then a drill press was used after the magazines were printed to pierce through the paper.

“No one is safe from bullets and so, in our magazine, no words are safe from the bullet,” Cockerell was quoted by NBC as saying.


  1. You’ve got to wonder how much these kids were influenced by their very political teachers, who led them on marches for gun control and other causes. If we want our children to grow up to be activists or community organizers, then this is fine. But if we want to prepare them to make a living in the real world, then the faculty at Paly gets an F on this one.

    • Part of living in the real world is being alive. They are scared for their lives and safety. They are getting a great education at Paly, and they would like to be alive to use it.

      • They are scared because they have been conditioned to be scared by their leftist, r-selected “teachers” and parents. They of course have no problem hiding behind K-selected police with guns when they feel threatened. The idea that Paly kids or most other students are under imminent threat of being shot is total BS.

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