County to allow retailers to offer curbside pickup

Dr. Scott Morrow, San Mateo County's Health Officer

San Mateo County today plans to ease restrictions on conducting business as health officials work to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

County Health Officer Dr. Scott Morrow plans to lift some restrictions, effective Monday, that would be consistent with early Phase 2 guidelines of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s reopening plan called the “Resilience Roadmap.”

That would effectively allow for retail businesses to operate from the curb and deliver.

Manufacturing, logistics and some other businesses will be able to open with some modifications, county officials said.

On May 8, San Mateo County and other Bay Area counties refused to enter into Phase 2 of Newsom’s plan to reopen the state. Now that the shelter-in-place order is entering into its 56th day, San Mateo County is reconsidering its strident stand.

Morrow said in a statement that he is encouraged that data on coronavirus cases, hospital capacity and other concerns show some stability.

But, he said, that does not mean it’s safe to be “out and about.”

Social distancing and face-covering directives as well as bans on gatherings will still be in effect.

Alameda County officials on Tuesday said manufacturing at Tesla in Fremont might begin as early as Monday. — Bay City News


    • He is designated by the elected county officers to manage the response to health emergencies.

      If you read the county laws, the details of his responsibilities are laid out.

  1. How generous for the county to give us a few of our rights back. When this is over I’m voting out every SOB who was involved in this.

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