Low squeaks past Simitian for No. 2 spot

Daily Post Staff Writer

Assemblyman Evan Low of Campbell is now 59 votes ahead of Supervisor Joe Simitian of Palo Alto in the primary for the House seat vacated by Congresswoman Anna Eshoo.

Earlier this week Low was 162 votes behind Simitian, with tens of thousands of ballots still to be counted. Whoever finishes ahead will face off against former San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, who is sitting comfortably in first.

Low hasn’t conceded. Meanwhile, Simitian declared victory on election night after the inital results were posted.

Simitian has 29,372 votes and Low has 29,431.

Low is leading Simitian in Santa Clara County, and Simitian is leading in San Mateo County.

An estimated 17,000 ballots still need counting in Santa Clara County, and 20,550 ballots are unprocessed in San Mateo County. Not all of those ballots are from within the Congressional district, however. 

County elections officials must complete final official results by April 4, and the Secretary of State will certify results on April 12.


  1. Liccardo is another Gavin; no achievements, life got worse for San Jose residents when he was mayor. Low is too focused on organizing children’s clothing sales. Either one would be an embarrassment.

  2. Why does no one at all question the fact that it takes weeks to count ballots? Time aplenty for the results to be manipulated in any way.

    We’ve been slowly acculturated to chaotic, slow, and quite possibly fraudulent vote counting. I don’t trust what’s happening here whatsoever.

  3. Wouldn’t it be ironic if a truck pulled up to the vote-counting department and unloaded thousands of Low ballots. Simitian couldn’t do anything about it because he would be an “election denier”.

  4. Cali is not ready for Evan Low to be in politics. Too many problems for him to come in now. We need polished veterans.

  5. Low is an unknown. Hope he has the maturity, the dedication of a public servant like Anna Eshoo and Joe Simitian have had through their entire careers, and will be willing to listen to all his constituents and all sides of the issues. This goes for Liccardo as well! We have had excellent representation for decades… may it continue.

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