Sketch released of hit-and-run driver in alleged hate crime

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office has released a sketch of a hit-and-run suspect who struck a Muslim student with his vehicle on the Stanford University campus on Nov. 3.

The collision is being investigated as a hate crime, because the suspect allegedly yelled “F— you and your people” out the window of his vehicle after making eye contact with the man, accelerating, and striking him as he crossed the intersection of Campus Drive and Ayrshire Farm Lane, according to the sheriff’s office, which oversees the campus police.

The suspect fled the scene and the man was taken to the hospital, where he survived his injuries.

The man said he believed he was targeted because he was wearing a shirt that had Arabic script on it. The victim claims the hit-and-run driver is pro-Israeli because he’s seen him filming Palestinian protests on campus.

According to the victim, the suspect was a white, unshaven adult male in his mid-20s. He was wearing a grey top and prescription glasses. His vehicle was a black Toyota SUV with a tire mounted on the rear. Police believe this vehicle should have passenger-side bumper damage from the collision.

Authorities are also looking for anyone who may have witnessed the collision or who were walking near the area around that time. Anyone who may have information helpful to this case is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (408) 808-4500 or call the anonymous tip line at (408) 808-4431.


  1. Why are police still investigating this? It’s as if this man is trying to shift the focus away from the massacre in Israel to his uncorroborated story here. I’m not buying it. This stinks.

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