Stanford police hacked, system down for more than two weeks

Daily Post Staff Writer

Stanford police have been hacked and their network remains down, a university spokesman confirmed yesterday (Oct. 10).

It’s unclear what files the hackers have accessed, or whether they have made ransom demands.

Police spokesman Bill Larson wouldn’t answer questions about the hack, instead emailing a statement.

“We are aware of and are investigating a cybersecurity incident at Stanford Department of Public Safety,” he said.

“Police response to emergency calls has not been impacted, and all other calls have continued normally. At this time, we have no reason to believe that any other part of the university has been affected by this incident.”

That means it has been two weeks since the police department was hacked.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t been affected, spokeswoman Felicia Segura said yesterday. The sheriff grants Stanford its police powers.


  1. I’m sure there’s a lot of very personal information in their servers. People they chose to prosecute, those who were let off without charges. And think about the details of rape victims’ lives that were written up and stored this way. Lots of blackmail material for the hackers.

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