‘Body builder’ arrested after erratic behavior and fighting with police; seven officers injured

Seven police officers were injured while struggling with a man described as a “body builder,” first in Belmont and then in Menlo Park, authorities said.

An initial call came to Belmont police about 3:13 a.m. Saturday, when officers were called to a domestic disturbance in the 2100 block of Ralston Avenue.

Johnathan Koehl, 45, of Belmont, fled in a car at high speed and was pursued by police for about a 1/2 mile to the 600 block of Alameda de las Pulgas, police said. The car stopped and the suspect ignored command to stay inside, according to police.

A struggle with officers ensued and Koehl allegedly resisted arrest. He was eventually put into restraints, but the scuffle injured both the suspect and two officers, police said.

Koehl was taken to a hospital with a head injury and the two officers were treated for minor injuries.

Koehl’s injuries were significant enough to leave him in the care of hospital staff, police said. The suspect, however, left the hospital on his own at some point and turned up in Menlo Park on Saturday afternoon.

Police there responded about 2:24 p.m. Saturday to a report of a shirtless man described as a “body builder” acting erratically in the area of Hobart Street at Santa Cruz Avenue.

The man, later identified as Koehl, was reportedly running in and out of traffic and bleeding from the head, according to police.

When officers arrived, they found the man agitated, “in an altered mental state” and suffering from a significant head wound.

They called for medical personnel and talked with suspect to de-escalate the situation. Nevertheless, the subject ran away, through busy afternoon traffic to the 800 block of Cotton Street, where he allegedly tried to break into a home.

Officers tried again to talk to him without success. They then used less than lethal devices, including a Taser and a projectile, to subdue him, police said.

The man allegedly continued to resist arrest leading to a physical struggle that lasted over three minutes before placed him in handcuffs.

Menlo Park fire and ambulance personnel provided medical aid and he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries sustained before and during the struggle with police.

Five Menlo Park officers were also injured and treated at the hospital. The officers were later released from the hospital with varying degrees of injuries, police said. Some had significant injuries but none were life-threatening.

The suspect was taken from the hospital to San Mateo County jail, where he was booked on suspicion of crimes that include attempted burglary, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer, and obstructing a police officer. — Bay City News


  1. Well, so much for the “social worker” approach that defund advocates promised would control dangerous suspects. I’m glad he didn’t kill anyone while they were attempting to “de-escalate” him.

  2. “Bodybuilder”…

    Great description. Leaving out the most important description, the person’s race. Woke media wants to protect certain groups that commit disproportionate crime and cause police to become more nervous and fearful around them due to pattern and experience. Hopefully the police won’t “profile” people who look like bodybuilders because most of these big guys I’ve met in the gym are actually friendly, law abiding citizens, other than them using steroids which are technically illegal in US and A.

  3. Hey Putin fan, do you think that a person’s race makes them more likely to commit crimes? If you do, can you point me to research that proves your point.

    • That’s a misleading question. The more relevant question is whether certain groups are on average more likely to commit crimes, including violent crimes, than other groups. The answer to that question is conclusively Yes.

      You can look up, to cite one research paper, Bureau of Justice Statistics from January 2021 written by Allen J. Beck, Ph.D., BJS Statistician, titled: Race and Ethnicity of Violent Crime Offenders and Arrestees, 2018. From the opening paragraph:
      In 2018, based on data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, black people were overrepresented among persons arrested for
      nonfatal violent crimes (33%) and for serious nonfatal violent crimes (36%) relative to their representation in the U.S. population (13%) (table 1).
      White people were underrepresented. White people accounted for
      60% of U.S. residents but 46% of all persons arrested for rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and other assault, and 39% of all arrestees for nonfatal violent crimes excluding other assault.

      I would submit that the demographic disparity in violent crimes, especially since 2020, has become even more pronounced.

  4. I’m not quoting you at all, I’m asking a question (do you think that a persons race makes it more likely they will commit crimes?). If you’re not a racist, it’s an easy question to answer. Go ahead, answer the question — yes or no?

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