$60,000 in jewelry taken from home while family celebrated Independence Day

Someone took $60,000 worth of jewelry from a house in Palo Alto’s Crescent Park neighborhood while a family was out yesterday for Fourth of July, police said.

The residents said they left their house on the 1400 block of Hamilton Avenue at 12:30 p.m. and returned at 6:30 p.m. A window to the master bedroom was open, and the screen was removed, police said.

The residents didn’t know whether they had left the window open or if the burglar opened it, police said.

The safe was in the master bedroom with jewelry and personal documents inside, police said.

The house didn’t have any security cameras, so officers are calling neighbors to see if they have any video, Lt. Brian Philip said.


  1. Odds are the burglars had been inside that house before – probably for delivery and installation or repair work – knew how many people lived there, where the safe was, and that the house had no cameras, and watched them all leave, with another accomplice keeping an eye on where that family went.

    • That could be true. Or a random burglary on a holiday where the window was easy to get into because it’s downstairs. Safes are usually kept in the master bedroom, and the master bedroom is a burglar’s first stop.

  2. Palo Alto sure is becoming a favorite target for all kinds of criminals, while safety and quality of life continue to deteriorate. Does anyone care?

    How can we get our public officials to care and to take action?

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