Rape reported in basement at Stanford

By the Daily Post staff

A woman working at Stanford was dragged from her office into a basement and raped, police said in a campus-wide alert.

The rape occurred at 12:30 p.m. Friday (Oct. 7), but the building wasn’t disclosed to the Stanford Department of Public Safety.

The incident was brought to the attention to police by a “mandated reporter,” a person like a teacher, counselor or administrator who is required by law to report such incidents to law enforcement.

The alert from DPS said the victim doesn’t want to provide a statement to law enforcement about the crime.

The victim didn’t provide a description of her assailant to DPS.

On Aug. 10 near Wilbur Hall, a woman said she was grabbed, taken into a bathroom and raped. The victim said she didn’t want to provide additional information to DPS, though a mandatory reporter described the rapist as a black man, 6-feet-tall with a thin build, brown eyes and a faded beard.