Palo Alto resident finds a grenade and military shell

The bomb squad responded to the discovery of a grenade at a house in south Palo Alto. Post photo by Braden Cartwright.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Police closed down a block South Court in Old Palo Alto this afternoon (Aug. 18) after a man said he found an old grenade and a military shell in a dead family member’s belongings.

The bomb squad for the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office took a box containing both the grenade and shell to Hoover Park for detonation. The bomb squad determined the shell was “safe,” meaning it wasn’t in danger of exploding.

The grenade was in a box and could’ve been more than 50 years old, Sgt. John Alaniz said

“It’s not common,” he said, “ but it’s not unheard of either.”

Paramedics stayed close by, and a UPS driver couldn’t make his delivery because the road was closed.

Palo Alto High School junior Theo Guan was biking home from school when police told him to stop. He lives next door to the house where the grenade and shell were found. 

“It’s a little confusing, and I didn’t expect it,” he said. “As long as nothing blows up I’m fine.”