Suspected Lululemon thieves hit truck during getaway, police say

By the Daily Post staff

Four people have been arrested after stealing from Lululemon in downtown Palo Alto and hitting a truck as they fled, police said.

Their BMW was spotted going east on the San Mateo Bridge, and they were arrested in Hayward with clothes worth $5,800 in their car.

The Lululemon theft was reported at 2:07 p.m. on Friday. A minute later, another person called to report a hit-and-run crash at Homer Avenue and Cowper Street, police said.

Two women and one man went into the store, grabbed several clothing items and fled to a getaway car, police said. The driver ran a stop sign and struck a Toyota pickup truck, and then drove away, police said.

There were no injuries from the crash, and both cars sustained only minor damage.

The BMW was stopped in Hayward at 2:43 p.m. with five people inside, police said. Four of them were arrested for felony organized retail theft, and a fifth was released without charges while officers investigate.

The people arrested were:

• Dominique Chaz Shawaun Carter, 26, of Modesto

• Anita Snell, 25, of Modesto

• Maliyah Fa Janay Scott, 24, of Modesto

• Jamil Naylor Harris Jr., 20, of Stockton

Carter was also booked for hit-and-run and two outstanding warrants for thefts in Glendale and Monte Serreno. Snell was also booked for grand theft in San Jose.


  1. I wonder if they paid a bridge toll coming this way. That would be an upfront cost, an investment in subsequent remunerative activity.

    • The crime is well reported. I hope the prosecution is well reported. We hear about these crimes but then the ‘processing’ is lost within the system – quick release, maybe no bail, maybe no trial, maybe no jail, maybe a slap on the wrist, maybe probation. Wash, rinse, repeat. On to the next smash and grab gang thefts. The system needs to punish and the community needs to know about the punishment. Crime without punishment – catch and release – just produces more crime.

  2. From the priors mentioned, they seem to be part of our catch and release justice system. Why stop if you keep getting released?

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