Los Altos School District board hires new superintendent

Sandra McGonagle

By the Daily Post staff

Sandra McGonagle, who has held various leadership positions in the Los Altos School District over the past 12 years, is the school board’s choice for superintendent, replacing Jeff Baier, who is retiring at the end of the school year.

McGonagle has served as principal at Santa Rita and Blach schools before becoming assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction in 2015. For 10 years she was a classroom teacher in the Cupertino district.

Her employment contract, which was revealed in advance of tonight’s school board meeting, says she will make $265,000 a year. Baier made $247,263 in 2020.

“I am thrilled to serve our community as the next Superintendent of Schools for the Los Altos School District,” McGonagle said in a statement released today. “I believe that our schools must be student-centered, innovative and provide the right balance of structure, support, depth and design to inspire each and every learner, including those who need more services and support to succeed and those who need to be challenged to go deeper and see the complexities in what we learn.”

“Sandra is a proven visionary leader who is passionate about every child’s success,” said school board President Steven Taglio, who will be one of her bosses. “When faced with challenging decisions, her first question is always, ‘what is best for our students?’ This student-centered approach and deep experience in the district’s curriculum and instruction will ensure our students continue to thrive in our excellent neighborhood schools.”

Her starting date is July 1.