Video of Assemblyman Berman losing his cool, dropping f-bomb during hearing

Assemblyman Marc Berman, D-Menlo Park. AP photo.

Daily Post Staff Writer

Assemblyman Marc Berman, D-Menlo Park, told a public speaker to “follow the f—-ing rules” at a hearing on a bill that would punish doctors for spreading false information about Covid.

Berman told speakers they needed to say their name, the organization they’re with and whether they support or oppose the bill.

When three speakers in a row flouted Berman’s rules, he appeared to get more frustrated.

“I oppose this bill,” a man who didn’t give his name said. “And anybody who supports this bill will be held accountable on the Nuremberg code.”

Berman said “thank you very much” three times, while the man kept talking.

“Hey check it out, I need everyone to follow the f—-ing rules!” Berman shouted.

The Assembly Committee on Business and Professions, which Berman chairs, was discussing AB 2098, introduced by Evan Low, D-San Jose.

The bill would give the Medical Board of California authority to discipline doctors who promote false or misleading information about the risks of Covid, its prevention and treatment and Covid vaccines.

Doctors could lose their license, but they wouldn’t be charged criminally.

The medical board would consider whether the doctor acted with malicious intent and if their advice led to a patient declining treatment without any medical justification, the bill says.

Many doctors and medical groups spoke in support of the bill, arguing that doctors have a high level of public trust and must be accountable for the information they spread.

Opponents of the bill said it restricts free speech, and they criticized the Covid vaccine. Some opponents of the bill cussed after Berman did, and others said they were “appalled” by his language.

After the hearing ended, Berman apologized.

“Let me apologize for cussing earlier,” he said. “I should not have done that.”

The Daily Post asked Berman for a phone call to talk about what happened, and spokeswoman Isabelle LaSalle declined.

“He does not have anything further to add,” she said in an email.

The bill passed the committee on a 12-5 vote, with Berman in favor.

Last week, a former employee accused Berman’s district director Zachery Ross of sexual harassment in Berman’s Los Altos office.

The accuser, Ruth Ferguson, also said that Berman’s chief of staff Harry Ermoian did nothing when she complained. Ferguson said she was retaliated against and denied a raise for coming forward.

It’s unclear what Berman knew about Ferguson’s allegations. He declined another interview last week.

Instead, his office emailed a statement that said Berman stands by an investigation that said Ferguson’s allegations were unsubstantiated.


  1. “False information” according to who? The CDC and NIH have provided lots of false information to the public over the past 2+ years.

    • Creeping totalitarianism from the Central Committee in the guise of Rules in Your Best Interest. Now, there are strict rules for addressing the Central Committee and it better be what they want to hear. Please, please – vote them out!

  2. So now they have to follow the “Official Truth” of the NIH? Perhaps we should remember that the NIH, Fauci and much of the medical establishment spent over a year telling us the Covid couldn’t possibly have come from the Wuhan lab (which the NIH was funding) before the lab release theory became a widely accepted theory, including by the FBI. Giving anyone the power to determine what the “truth” is provides a lot of opportunity for abuse.

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