Council majority wants city to help build new theater

From the Los Altos Stage Company's website.

Editor’s note: The theater topic is returning to City Council’s agenda on Tuesday, Nov. 30. Go to item 10 to read the proposed Memorandum of Understanding between the city and the Los Altos Stage Company.

Daily Post Staff Writer

The Los Altos Stage Company wants to build a new theater in downtown Los Altos, and their leader says the group needs the city’s help to do so.

The theater would have between 125 and 180 seats, cost up to $20 million and replace one of the downtown parking lots, Board President …

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  1. Why doesn’t the theater group ask its patrons for the money instead of going to the city counsel? In most cities, theater patrons are very generous and the municipal government doesn’t have to pay a thing. Philanthropy is supposed to happen with private donations, not donations from the city on behalf of the taxpayers.

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