Council wants to let tenants buy the homes they’re renting

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East Palo Alto landlords protested a ordinance the city council is considering which would allow residents who rent single family homes the right of first refusal if the landlord decides to sell the property.

The proposed ordinance — which was discussed but not voted upon Tuesday night — would also apply to multi-family housing that’s put up for sale. The city and nonprofits may also be allowed to make bids to buy the property, depending on whether the property has tenants when it goes up for sale.

Small and big landowners in East Palo Alto spoke to the council over Zoom, some completely criticizing the idea, while others said …

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  1. I realize that this sort of proposal plays well politically, at
    least with voters who feel entitled to other peoples stuff, and is attractive to politicians who can claim credit for a new benefit which is paid for by someone else, but it suffers from some Constitutional “takings” issues and would be invalidated. All it would do is incur a lot of legal bills for EPA just to provide some political pandering.

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